Montag, 9. November 2009

Hello and welcome to everyone who found their way to this very new blog. I hope you can enjoy reading through the hopefully various entries I'd like to upload in the next days, weeks, maybe years. My first project will be presenting you a different range of desserts. In order to understand why, i need to tell you what some friends of mine and I are planning. Here in Germany, where i live, exists this TV show called
"Das perfekte Dinner" - The perfect dinner. Each of us four will be cooking for the other three persons one night a three course meal, consisting of appetizer (probably a salad, or a soup), an entrée (everything is allowed) and the Crowning discipline and my favourite one: the dessert.
The first dinner will be at November 27th and then take place every friday in December until Christmas.
Until now, i still have no idea what to cook, but the clock is ticking. I'm really excited about cooking a three course meal but of course, i want it to be perfect.
Now here's the thing. Until I haven't figured out what to do, I'll just try various recipes I come across and will tell you about how i liked it.
The tricky thing about this dinner is, and cooking in general, the timing has to match. I don't want my guest to wait three hours for a casserole. :)

Alrighty. Here already comes dish #1, chicken sweet and sour. The recipe i got from a cookbook that belongs to a friend of mine. I've tried that a couple of times already for it is easy and fast to cook and the texture and taste of the gravy always amazes me. It tastes really intense and it really doesn't matter if you use a bit too much of the single ingredients, because it'll still taste nice. Plus: you usually have most of the required ingredients already in your pantry, so it's perfect if you want to cook it last minute.

Preparation: 4/10. You can cut the capsicum and the chicken and keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours if you want and messure everything but the rice has to be cooked just before you want to serve it plus the chicken has to be fried.
Taste: 10/10. It's easy and really delicious every time i make it. Plus you can vary it like using pineapple instead of bell peppers.

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